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Helping Children Learn Math

Understanding your child's math lessons can be challenging these days.  After hearing from a number of parents regarding this problem, we decided to give you a little help!




Math Playground - A variety of games and activities to support students from 1st grade to 7th grade in learning and practicing critical number concepts. The site also has logic games and puzzles to "give your child's brain a workout".


Cool Math For Kids - This is a website with various games and activities for students to try and learn from. Activities are sorted by content domain as well as grade level and interest. This site also has tips and suggestions for parents. 


Funbrain - Games and activities for students in grades K-8. Includes math, reading, and other fun activities and games.  There is also a parent page with more information for parents.


Sum Dog - This website provides children with games focused on making learning and practicing math fun.  It is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. 




If you are looking for some extra support in reviewing the math your child is learning, here are some websites to consider.


Khan Academy


Learn Zillion




Sushi Monster by Scholastic

- Meet Sushi Monster! Scholastic's new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging.


Math vs. Zombies by Tap to Learn

-Use math as your weapon to save the Zombies! Various levels of math activities, counting, comparing, and computation.


Chicken Coop Fraction Games

- A variety of games designed for students to simplify and compare fractions, to find equivalent fractions, to estimate with fractions, and much, much more.


Fun Math Apps

- A variety of apps for children of all ages. Download the apps that best meet the needs of your child.