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Help us reach our goal of $3500.00 this year!  We collect Box Tops All Year Long!

boxtops app

Box Tops

Safeway just for you has bonus boxtops again!! You need to log into your Safeway account and link the boxtops account do it. If you don't have a boxtops account, you should!!! There are contests and ways to save on boxtops items.


Sam's Club Eboxtops Program

Did you know that Sam's Club has an Eboxtops program. It's a few extra minutes of your time but worth it!! You purchase the participating products and then take a photo of your receipt and follow the directions on Sam's Club site. The money goes directly to the Alamo Box Tops account. If you shop at Sam's Club, and need help doing this let us know. 12 products on one receipt is $40 for Alamo!!!






Turn In Box Tops and Help Your Class Win Prizes

All Year Long!!

 #Box Tops turned in by Class            What your class will win     

        250 BOX TOPS    ------------- OTTER POPS

        500 BOX TOPS    ------------- COOKIE DELIVERY

        1000 BOX TOPS  ------------- POPCORN PARTY

        1500 BOX TOPS  ------------- EXTRA RECESS

        2000 BOX TOPS  ---------- ICE CREAM SANDWICHES

        2500 BOX TOPS  ------------- To Be Announced!

        3000 BOX TOPS  ------------- To Be Announced!

Look for a chart outside your classroom that will be updated regularly to show how many Box Tops your class has already turned in and how close you are to winning a prize!


**WIN A PIZZA PARTY!     The top 2 classes who bring in the most Box Tops throughout the entire year will win a pizza party!

**TOP BOX TOPS EARNERS:    We keep track of every Box Top each student brings in.  The top 6 students who bring in the most Box Tops at the end of the year will receive a special prize!  We also have a special prize for the Teachers who classes bring in the most Box Tops throughout the school year.


LAST YEAR WE RAISED $2,900 for Alamo

Thank you for collecting your Box Tops!Collecting Box Tops is a FREE, easy way to help provide extra money for our school and it doesn’t cost you anything extra! Simply cut those Box Tops and turn them in!  Every Box Top collected is 10¢ to Alamo. That money is used for school supplies, playground equipment and new technology for our kids. 

QUESTIONS? Contact us: 



How Box Tops Works:

BUY: Find Box Tops on hundreds of products, including Hefty, Kleenex, Annies and General Mills.  See full list at

CLIP: Clip Box Top from package along dotted line.

SAVE AND SEND IN: We collect Box Tops ALL YEAR long! Turn them into your teacher in a Ziploc baggie.

Be sure to mark baggie with

            *child’s name

            *teacher’s name

EARN!  Box Tops are mailed in and Alamo receives a check twice a year!


BONUS BOX TOPS APP:   Box Tops has an APP! Before you throw away your receipt, scan it into the app and you could earn bonus  Box Tops for our school!

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