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11/20/15 11:46 AM

Mrs. Kelly's Sensational Second Grade Class

Our Class
Our Class


Homework consists of:


  • Reading 15 minutes daily;
  • Practicing Word Work;
  • Practicing math facts.


A reading log is sent home on Monday and should be returned on Friday.  It's perfectly fine to keep the log over the weekend and return it on Monday! :)



Mrs. Kelly's Philosophy on HOMEWORK

Homework is an extension of what we learn in school.  My goal is to inspire a love of learning.  If homework is too difficult or forced, the love for learning can be lost.  Therefore, homework is meant to build skills in Reading, Writing and Math, and NOT meant to torture children.  If your child is frustrated with homework, please let me know. :)

Students are praised for turning their homework in.  There is no consequence for homework that is not turned in. (Other than a loss of learning-- no pressure!)  ;)

Mrs. Kelly's Philosophy on Spelling (Filasafee on spelling...hee hee...)

Oh, Spelling!  The subject in which some students excel, while others just can't seem to spell those weekly class words correctly. Or, they study words for a week to get 100% on the test, and don't spell the words correctly in their writing!   Here's my simple philosophy: It is more important to study the patterns and rules of spelling, than it is to memorize lists.  


It's been my experience that just as in reading, students are at different spelling levels too.  For that reason, I use a systematic spelling program called Words Their Way (feel free to Google it!).  This means that your child may have a different spelling list than other students in our class.  We may have 10 different lists going at once!  Sound confusing?  It's a little crazy at first, but once students get the gist of it, it will work well.  In class, I refer to the students' spelling list as "Word Work."  So if you ask your child for his/her SPELLING list, and he/she gives you a blank look, ask for his/her WORD WORK words.  


Studying word work words will happen mostly in class, but students are welcome to study their words at home as well.


Websites for Practice Reasoning Mind: A math program that moves with your child.  Students will need their log in information. Raz Kids: Great reading practice with comprehension quizzes.  Students will need their log in information. Reading and Math games. Math, Reading, Grammar, etc. Fun Math games! Games for Math and Reading. Educational games in Reading, Math.  Also has typing games, songs, videos, and lessons. Lots of interesting reading! Nonfiction reading with comprehension quizzes.  Each student has his/her own username.  Password is: eagles17.  Please text me if your child has forgotten his/her username.  Hint: It is first name, last initial and a number. Reading, drawing, and silly fun!