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Letter of the Week

Each week we will focus on a new letter.  We will review both the capital and lowercase forms of the letter, how to write the letter properly, and the sound the letter makes. This week our new letter is "Ss". We will look for "Ss"  in the stories we read this week, and we will also review "Mm" and "A".

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 29th- Fix-it day

Oct. 19th-Fall Festival


Halloween Song

Cathy Kerner

Welcome to Alamo!!

Every week we will be posting new pictures and updating our web site so you can follow us as we learn and grow throughout the year. This week our Student of the Week is Wyatt. Wyatt is a kind and thoughtful young man who is a friend to everyone. He likes to build with his friends and ride the trikes. We are so glad Wyatt is in our class!

Numbers in the Teens

Week of Oct. 1st

Every week we will be focusing on a certain color. We will learn how to spell, write and read that particular color word. This week our color will be black.

Black Song
Five Little Pumpkins