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Alamo Film Crew

Mr. Russell

Stuart Russell    Director and Writer

Stuart has been a teacher at Alamo School for 30 years.  He is at the helm of the Alamo Film Crew and started the after school film club in the Fall of 2017.  After initial auditions and training of the cast, the 1st Edition of the Eagle Eye News appeared in the winter of 2018.  Stuart admits that film making is a learn-by-doing venture. He loves that so many students and staff members are eager to be a part of each edition of the news.

Jeffrey Edde

Jeffrey Edde        Actor and Technical Assistant

Jeffrey came on board during the filming of the 4th Edition.  He quickly transitioned into the part of investigative reporter Noah Waddimean.  He is in search of the Magic 8-ball and interviews many folks at Alamo that fail to take advantage of the full power of the elusive 8-ball.  Jeffrey also helps with technical support jobs as the need arises.

Caden Santopadre

Caden Santopadre        Actor

After appearing in the Playground Jokes segment, Caden landed the part of an alien named “Little Buddy” in the Magic-8 ball saga where he is featured “accidentally” speaking German and Italian in a classroom.  He pairs well with his partner in comedy crime, Zort.

Emmaline Santopadre

Emmeline Santopadre    Actor

Emmaline first appears in the 4th Edition as a playground jokester.  She transitioned into the part of Blurg, an alien sent down by the Supreme Commander to check in on two bumbling fellow aliens in the Magic 8-ball saga.  Emmaline’s character adds a nice balance to the aliens Zort and Little Buddy.

Layla Harless

Layla Harless        Actor

Layla came on board at the beginning of her 4th grade year.  She plays the Hillbilly in the Magic 8-ball saga. Her run-in with the visiting aliens is certainly comical.  She also appeared in the Playground Joke segment with Skye Blou in the 4th Edition.

Dani Ciccareli

Dani Ciccarelli    Actor and Camera Operator

When called upon, Dani stepped up to fill in as a camera operator and made her debut in the solar cooker segment in the 4th Edition.  She also appeared in the Magic 8-ball saga as a student taking advantage of the Magic 8-ball’s powers to finish math homework.

Patrecia Hill

Patrecia Hill        Actor

Patrecia appears in the 4th Edition as a student using the powers of the Magic 8-ball to complete math homework.  To her disappointment, the 8-ball disappears within seconds of completing the homework assignment. Patrecia also fills in as an extra in other segments.

Collyn Clifton

Collyn Clifton        Actor

Collyn fills in as needed in various rolls.  He was first visited by Noah Waddimean in the library in the Magic 8-ball saga.  He has since appeared in the Playground Joke segment and as an extra in other segments.


The Stars Of The Alamo Film Crew
news reel

Tyler StocktonTyler Stockton    Actor

Tyler is the voice of Alamo Film Crew.  He has been featured in several fun commercials including Pond Scum, Rag-o-matic, Cheatum and Rippenhoff and Sugar Cube Cereal.  Tyler also appears as the reporter Mark Aldataply in interesting news segments covering topics such as the library, water bottle recycling and 5th grade state floats.

Emily HaysEmily Hays    Actor

Emily was the Big Bad Wolf in the 3rd Edition.  Seated in a forest, she couldn’t grasp why she, as the Big Bad Wolf, was so misunderstood.  In addition to smaller parts, she also appeared in larger roles such as a guest chef teaching how to make apple pie pudding  She finished her 6th grade year as the Supreme Commander alien in the Magic 8-ball saga.

Courtland JacobsenCourtland Jacobsen        Actor and Camera Operator

Courtland has been involved with the Alamo Film Crew from its inception.  As a pioneer in the program, Courtland stepped into the roles of camera operator and actor.  Not only are most of the scenes you view brought to you by Courtland, he appears as Skye Blou the reporter bringing us segments on squid dissection, STEM activities and playground humor.

Grant HermonGrant Hermon    Actor and Camera Operator

Grant joined the Alamo Film Crew in his 6th grade year.  He immediately became known as Bouncy Ball Bubba in the Cheatum and Rippenhoff commercial.  Most of Grant’s work is behind the scenes as a camera operator. However, he is willing to fill in as an actor as needed.  

Victoria JerulleVictoria Jerulle    Actor and Technical Assistant

Victoria joined the Alamo Film Crew team in her 6th grade year and quickly acquired a British accent to play her part as Victoria Ann Eleanor Elizabeth III.  She not only plays the role of anchor, but she is helpful with the behind-the-scenes technical aspects of the Alamo Film Crew. Victoria hopes to be a producer some day.

Chase BaxendaleChase Baxendale    Actor

Chase came on board with the Alamo Film Crew in his 6th grade year.  He was the new anchor Chase Dekatt replacing Justin Thyme who moved on to middle school.  In his role, Chase is very interested in locating the magic 8-ball and is a frequent customer of the secret underground barber shop located in the secret underground studio.

Jackie WatkinsJackie Watkins    Actor

Jackie gained her notoriety as the “Squid Girl” in the 1st Edition.  Since then, she has appeared in other sketches as a utility actor performing various parts.  Jackie’s contributions also include the Magic 8-ball saga and commercials being filmed.

Max HawkinsMax Hawkins        Actor

Max came on the scene in the Rag-o-matic commercial.  Since then, he acquired important parts in other commercials and is featured in the Magic 8-ball saga.  Max is always ready to fill in as a utility actor.






Dawn Kelly

Dawn Kelly    Director’s Assistant

Dawn, a second grade teacher at Alamo School for 6 years, functions as a director’s assistant.  She provides valuable input and oversite. She also helps with wardrobe, makeup and various odds-and-ends that pop up during production.  In the Third Edition, Dawn was featured in a STEM activity where students constructed a Little Piggy house that could withstand the winds of the Big Bad Wolf.  She also appears in an acting part in the Magic 8-ball saga.

Addie Bodie

Addy Bodie    Actor

Addy’s premiere was as the British Tea Lady in the 1st Edition.  She has since stepped up to be the Science and Food Editor bringing fascinating segments on how to make slime and apple pie pudding.  She has also appeared in commercials such as Rag-o-matic and Sugar Cubes Cereal.

Rosie Vasquez

Rosie Vasquez    Actor and Technical Assistant

Rosie came on the scene as a kid enjoying Pond Scum Nutrient Soda in her kitchen and has since appeared in other commercials including Homework Magic.  She soon became the reporter Rosie Fields, bringing us stories about Alamo staff and the Garden Gophers after school club. Rosie also fills in as a utility person aiding in various technical roles.

Caleigh Martin

Caleigh Martin    Actor and Camera Operator

Caleigh joined the crew for the 4th Edition as a camera operator.  She often does hand-held camera work while filming classroom or school events.  Caleigh also appeared in the Cheatum and Rippenhoff commercial as the student with the skinned knee and fills in as an extra when needed.

Christian Francisco

Christian Francisco        Actor

Christian first came on the scene in the 4th Edition as one of the playground jokesters.  He now has the role of Zort, an alien sent down to Alamo to locate the elusive Magic 8-ball.  Zort pairs well with his fellow comedic alien, “Little Buddy”.

John Thomas

John Thomas        Actor

John originally came on as a writer but found his way into acting.  He appeared as the French Chef in the 4th Edition. His French accent is quite entertaining.  He also fills in as a student extra when needed.


Luzelena Murillo-Madera    Writer and Actor

Luzelena has contributed writing segments to the Magic 8-ball saga and has appeared as an actor in the Cheatum and Rippenhoff commercial (You may remember her on a tropical island enjoying her legal reward).  Luzelena also appears as an extra when needed.