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Alamo Elementary School

Vacaville Unified School District

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    We Are Alamo


  • Parents:

  • What's going on at alamo: 

    Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! Conferences will be held from November 13th through November 22nd. A few of our teachers have decided to use Picktime to schedule their conferences. Please keep in mind that not all teachers will be having conferences every one of those days. Click on the button below to schedule your conference.   Thank you! 

    Bell Schedule


    8:10-11:30         Kindergarten   AM           (M, T, W, TH, F)   

    11:10-2:30         Kindergarten   PM            (M, T, TH, F)

    8:10-11:30         Kindergarten   PM            Wednesdays and Minimum Days

                              Grades 1-6

    8:25-2:30             Grades 1 –3                     (M, T, TH, F)

    8:25-2:35             Grades 4-6                     (M, T, TH, F)

    8:25-1:10               Grades 1-6                      Wednesdays

    8:25-12:35            Grades 1–3                 Minimum Days

    8:25–12:40            Grades 4-6                     Minimum Days

    (Please note: Last day of school, all 1st-6th grade classes: 8:25-11:25, no recesses)

                            Morning Recess

    Grades 1 -3

    10:00-10:15 (M-F)

    Grade 4-6

    10:20-10:35  (M-F)


                            Afternoon Recess

    Grades 1-2

    1:10-1:25    (M,T,TH,F)

    Grades 3

    1:30-1:45 (M,T,TH,F)


    ALAMO Spotlight


    The Alamo Garden

    The Alamo Garden can be seen when you walk down the second grade hallway.  This is not only beautiful but is also used for various lessons as well as by an after school group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders known as Hardt's Garden Gophers.  The Garden Gophers work with second grade teacher Mrs. Hardt a couple of times a year where they learn about the various aspects of gardening.