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Today: 6/28/16


Parents - don't forget to purchase SCRIP.  We have over 50 gift cards available in the office from local stores.  There are Lucky's SCRIP cards available in the office when can be swiped every time you purchase something at Lucky's.  Don't forget that Alamo is collecting Westfield receipts also.  Thank you for supporting Alamo.

See the Scrip page for the latest list of vendors. 


Alamo is once again collecting Box Tops for Education and Campbell Soup Labels.  


2016-17 Registration Information

School starts Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 for all schools in Vacaville Unified (view calendar details.) Our office is closed for the summer, but will reopen in early ...more



Flyers from nonprofit groups that provide services, programs, and activities which benefit VUSD students and parents are posted on the Community Bulletin Board.  You can view a list of posted flyers by clicking the Bulletin Board List attachment below.  You can also view each individual flyer in the Index of Community Bulletin Board Items box below under Elementary Events, Secondary Events, and Parent/Community Resources.


Willis Jepson administration and staff are seen here with Congressman Garamendi in Washington DC. Jepson was recently given the distinction of a National School To Watch. The staff were asked to come to DC to present and teach other educators about the incredible ways they are serving students at Jepson. Congrats the the remarkable staff, parents and students at Jepson.



If you missed this class, you can watch it here



This pre-qualification is for maintenance projects only. For Measure A pre-qualification please go to the Measure A tab on the top right of the page. The Measure A prequalification packet is under the Contractor Info and Bidding tab.


Vacaville Community Services can help!



Teacher Melanie Pope was given the only 2016 Rising Star Award by the UC Davis Education Department. This honor recognizes the contributions and dedication of outstanding educators and advocates. Congrats on this well-deserved distinction Melanie! 


Congratulations to Willis Jepson students and staff for this remarkable distinction. Jepson staff have been asked to travel to Washington DC to teach other educators about practices used at Jepson.


Willis Jepson has been selected as on of 56 middles school nationwide to be added to the 2016 National Forum Schools To WatchTM list. The National Forum considers three criteria: 1) academic excellence, specifically schools that challenge all students to use their minds well; 2) developmental responsiveness, schools that are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence; and 3) social equity, schools that are democratic and fair, providing every student with high-quality teachers, resources, and supports.



Sierra Vista K-8 school still has space available in all grades for the 2016-2017 school year. The school will offer a small school community environment with a focus on academic rigor and higher education after high school. 

Sierra Vista K-8 is open to all Vacaville students. VUSD hopes to enroll a minimum of twenty 8th grade students to fill a class.

Sierra Vista K-8 enrollment applications may be downloaded here or picked up at Educational Services Center (ESC) at 401 Nut Tree Rd. All packets should be returned to ESC. Enrollment applications will be date stamped and processed in the order in which they are received until school capacity is met.



Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.35.26 PM.png


Willis Jepson Middle School staff and students will be presented with the Schools To WatchTM Model School award this Wednesday, February 24, 2016. A representative from Congressman Garamendi’s Office will also be presenting the school with a Congressional Commendation in recognition of the rare honor of being named a School To Watch.


State Superintendent Tom Torlakson recently announced that Willis Jepson Middle School is amongst the list of 13 distinguished California schools honored with the 2016 Schools To WatchTM- Taking Center Stage Model School award.


California Schools to Watch™(STW)-Taking Center Stage is a statewide program implemented by several organizations including the California League of Middle Schools (CLMS) and the California Department of Education (CDE). Each year, the program identifies middle schools that are academically excellent, developmentally responsive, socially equitable, and structured for success.  The sites selected to be Schools to Watch™-Taking Center Stage Model Schools meet the unique challenges of their student populations and share a strong, ongoing record of student achievement. 


Vacaville Unified Board of Education President Shelley Dally praised the middle school saying, “These characteristics are so much more than just a test score, they are what makes students want to go to school and parents feel confident about sending their children there.”  Dally went on with praise saying, “Kelley Birch is an exceptional principal with an incredibly hard working dedicated staff, and this recognizes the great work they are doing in all of these areas.”


Willis Jepson Middle School will also be considered for national recognition in coming months.


School To Watch Press Release from California Department of Education: http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr16/yr16rel13.asp



Alamo Peacebuilders


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